Vouvoulos is an extention of Kontoxori on the road to Oia. Going through the town you will notice the vine fields and several chapels. The name was based on an underwater crater that was difusing poisonus gass, that kept death rate to a high standart at the time.
The create closed due to natural cuase however it olny happend when a seperd found a apinting of Virgiin Marry, burried in a nearby coast....
You can enjoy the beach of "Koloumbos" and "Pori" both well known around the island.

Manual Cars

th-alto th-jimny peugeot 208 11 skoda-fabia-2
 Suzuki Alto Manual 1200cc A/C  Jeep Suzuki Jimny 1300cc A/C  Peugeot 208 1600cc A/C  Scoda Fabia 1200cc A/C

Automatic Cars

th-rodster th-smart fiatcabrio nissan-pixo-white-side
Smart Cabrio Roadster 1000cc A/C Smart Cabrio 1000cc A/C Fiat Cabrio 500cc A/C Nissan Pixo 1100cc A/C


Mini Van

EVALIA-FRONT-2.jpg.ximg.l full m.smart
 Nissan Evalia 7pax

Full Insurance


Wedding Vehicles

wedding car

Weather in Santorini

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